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Posted 11 August 2014
by Martin Laver

Employment Tribunal claim fees – one other notable change

Much has already been made of the seemingly significant reduction in the numbers of Employment Tribunal claims which are being started now that every Claimant has to pay a fee of up to £250 to start their claim (and up to a further £950 to get it to a final hearing) unless they are entitled to a fee remission.

The word seemingly above is used because official statistics necessary genuine year on year comparisons have so far been skewed by a substantial number of equal pay claims being brought before time limits expired. On top of that many Claimants kicked their claims off before the fees came in which increased the cases brought in the months beforehand. Statistics out later in the year will give a better indication of the level of claims drop off (and we’ll keep you posted on that).

However, we have noticed that claims which are brought are being dealt with much more quickly. This might be because of the rise of online applications but equally if there are fewer claims being brought there are more staff available to deal with those that are.

One case we dealt with recently saw the ET1 being sent by post on Tuesday, received on Wednesday by the central office in Leicester. The cheque was processed and the application sent the same day to the office administering the claim (Bristol) which must have been received on Thursday. It was then processed in Bristol and an acknowledgement of claim posted the same day and received by us on the Friday. On that basis, we may need to revise our estimates of the time it takes to reach a final hearing.

This case also highlights a success for the postal service!

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