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Posted 29 August 2014
by Paul Kelly

First Tier Tribunal decision: signing pitch fee review forms

A Tribunal has considered whether pitch fee review forms which have been signed by an employee of the park owner are valid. The Tribunal said that, although the pitch fee review form indicates that it should be signed by the park owner personally, this is not in fact a requirement of the legislation. The general law allows an agent to sign provided they are authorised to do so and there is no requirement for the authority to be noted on the form. This decision means it is likely that an employee of the park owner can sign a pitch fee review form provided they have been authorised by the park owner to do so.  Although it may not be a requirement, prudent park owners will still state on the form that that agent is duly authorised and give the agent a separate formal written authority to sign forms on their behalf. If you have any questions regarding a pitch fee review contact the parks team by telephone on 01392 207020 or email

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