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Posted 12 October 2015

Free Audit- Your chance to make sure you understand the effect of the Consumer Rights Act 2015!

It is common knowledge that the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (“the Act”) came into force on 1 October 2015 introducing new obligations for park owners of both holiday and residential parks.

The legislation is vast and applies to all contracts offered by a holiday or residential park and any notices. Some of the most notable provisions in the Act include:

  • The requirement for all contracts and notices to be transparent and fair; and
  • Additional consumer protection where goods are deemed faulty.

The consequence of a contract or notice failing to comply with the requirements of the Act can be great.

Do not worry. We are here to help park owners in meeting their new obligations. We are offering a free consumer rights audit where we will review your contracts and advise whether any amendments are required to comply with the Act.  The BH&HPA have joined forces with Compass to give a series of road shows across the country at which Tozers’ Paul Kelly will be explaining the effect of the changes on the Parks industry.  These roadshows are open to BH&HPA members and park owning non-members.  If you would like to attend you should contact the BH&HPA by email at

If you have any queries regarding the free consumer rights act audit or if you are interested in subscribing to Parklaw contact the Parks team by telephone on 01392 207020 or email

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