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Posted 18 February 2016
by Stephen Jennings

Gender Pay Reporting

The Government has now published The Equality Act (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2016. The regulations set out the framework for employers to publish gender pay information and are due to commence on 1st October 2016.

Employers will be required to publish their first reports in April 2018 although are likely to have to calculate their gender pay gaps from April 2017.

The reporting requirements will apply to all public and voluntary sector employers in England, Wales and Scotland with at least 250 employees. In the reports, employers will be required to publish the difference in mean and median pay between male and female employment. A full pay report will be required to be published on the employer’s website every year and left on the website for at least three years. The pay report will also have to be submitted to the Government.

The Government intends to name and shame employers who do not comply and will review whether civil or criminal penalties should also be implemented in due course for non-compliance.

Employers of larger companies should consider carrying out an equal pay audit as once the full pay reports are published it may encourage employees to bring equal pay claims. If you are concerned about equal pay issues, we would be happy to give our view.


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