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Posted 3 September 2019
by Stuart Bramley

Girl, five, died of sepsis hours after A&E medics blamed her rash on ‘virus’

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A five year old was taken to hospital with a rash and lethargic condition and was discharged with what was thought of as a ‘virus’. Her condition worsened and she went back into hospital but tragically died of sepsis the next day. Read the full Daily Mail article here.

Infection specialist Stuart Bramley writes:-

“It is heart-breaking to read yet another account of how a child has died from missed sepsis. Although some of the initial symptoms can be subtle and easily mistaken for a more minor problem, from the details given to the Nottingham Coroner that doesn’t appear to have been the case here. A rash on the body (and did any of the doctors check whether it went white when a glass was pressed against it?) would be a clear indication of possible sepsis; a hot body but cold hands and feet even more so. When these two signs presented together in the same child it is astonishing that dehydration was suggested as the cause. In many of the sepsis cases I handle there are similar misdiagnoses; and tragically many involve a similar outcome.

“I hope that not just the Queen’s Medical Centre staff but clinicians across the UK take note of this story so if another child presents with an illness like Ava’s, the correct care including appropriate antibiotic cover can be initiated immediately. My sympathies go out to Ava’s parents.”

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