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Posted 13 March 2019
by Stuart Bramley

Girl’s sepsis death due to ‘systemic failure’ at Bath Hospital

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A young girl’s death from sepsis at the Royal United Hospital in Bath was due to a ‘systemic failure’, according to Dr Nelly Ninis – a consultant general paediatrician.

With reference to a recent BBC news article, Stuart Bramley, a Partner at Tozers specialising in infection cases, writes –

“It is profoundly distressing to read of yet another apparently avoidable death from sepsis, particularly since the patient was so young. Despite the very laudable focus on the dangers and symptoms of sepsis over the last couple of years, I still see too many cases where the presenting signs are overlooked. Notwithstanding the high temperature, any instance of grunting should be assumed to be streptococcal infection unless or until proven otherwise. The independent expert Dr Nelly Ninis is quite right to flag up the failings here and I will be interested to see whether the hospital concerned accept errors or try to deny them. After 26 years of handling medical claims, one thing I have learned is that a health provider who cannot accept that mistakes were made is likely to repeat them.

I do hope that if anything good emerges from Marcie’s tragic death it is that lessons are learned so that no other parent, anywhere in the UK, ends up in Mr Tadman’s position.”

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