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Posted 6 September 2018
by Stuart Bramley

‘Gross failures’ in Kayden Urmston-Bancroft death – BBC News

Stuart Bramley, a lawyer specialising in inquests and fatal accident cases, writes –

“To most people, an ’emergency’ operation being organised for 3 days after the patient arrives at hospital seems extraordinary, and even more so when it involves a young child. The coroner here identified not a single failing but a whole series of missed opportunities to perform the surgery on Kayden, with tragic results.

It is in my experience unusual for a verdict of natural causes contributed to by neglect to be given, but on the facts available this seems an entirely appropriate finding. It is to the hospital’s credit that they, via the Chief Executive, identified lapses in standards and conceded that without these Kayden probably would still be alive. It would be interesting to know whether this open, frank approach was adopted before the hearing in the Coroner’s Court. I find that all too often, NHS Trusts deny fault until the matter reaches court, extending the agony of family members. My sympathies go out to the Urmston-Bancroft family. ”

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