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Posted 4 July 2017
by Stuart Bramley

Group B Strep Awareness Month 2017

Group B Strep is the most common cause of life-threatening infection in newborn babies, causing meningitis, sepsis and pneumonia.  Most of these infections could be prevented, yet around half of pregnant women haven’t even heard of Group B Strep.

July is Group B Strep Awareness Month, and we want to make more families and health professionals #GBSaware. It’s a great opportunity to raise vital awareness of group B Strep and continue the fight to stop group B Strep infection in babies.

Jane Plumb MBE, Chief Executive of Group B Strep Support, says:

“Knowing about group B Strep when you’re pregnant and in the early weeks after birth can make a massive difference – most group B Strep infections in newborn babies can be prevented, and early treatment can and does save lives.”

Please visit the Group B Strep Awareness Month page at, which is filled with ways to get involved, from ‘liking’ and ‘sharing’ social media posts to holding a fundraising event.

Stuart Bramley, partner at Tozers is one of a select group of solicitors in the country on the panel of the charity Group B Strep Support.

“My son suffered from GBS sepsis and has been left with lifelong disabilities, it was such a traumatic time. I spoke to Stuart Bramley at Tozers, he was absolutely fantastic – he is incredibly knowledgeable and the most genuine sincere person I have spoken to about this. I couldn’t find anyone who knew so much about the condition as him, he was very patient and so keen to help, it was a great relief to have spoken to him and I would urge anyone who has issues with their care or feels things could possibly have been different to give him a call.”Angela


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