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Posted 7 September 2017
byStuart Bramley

Group B Strep Support Charity To Liaise With Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists On New Patient Information Leaflet

Stuart Bramley, Partner at Tozers Solicitors LLP and GBSS Legal Panel member was recently quoted in an article written by the charity Group B Strep Support:

“I was delighted to learn that the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists RCOG are now liaising closely with Group B Strep Support in respect of the new patient information leaflet which is based on the Green-Top Guideline on group B Strep. The majority of my own clients report that when pregnant they were told little or (more commonly) nothing at all about Strep B and it seems likely to me that if they had been they would have had opportunity to flag up early symptoms in their babies – or, in the cases where the mother herself become infected, in themselves. This is not a medical problem like some where the treatment is complex, expensive or disputed amongst health professionals but one which can be quickly and effectively addressed by antibiotics, so the challenge at present isn’t how to treat it but rather how to recognise it in time.

That is where the parents ought to be playing a vital part but they cannot do so if they know little about GBS or have never heard of it. I know from those I try to assist that in many cases, the time passing between infection during delivery to life-threatening meningitis or sepsis can be devastatingly short. We can only tackle that head-on by increasing public knowledge about Strep B and the involvement of the governing body of obstetricians is essential to that. When clinicians are all fully informed about this infection and when all mums-to-be are routinely given GBS information as part of antenatal care, we will be a long way further towards eliminating this condition.”

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