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Posted 21 June 2013

Guidance on changes to legislation affecting park homes

The Government has launched a new advice service available to home owners, operated by the Leasehold Advisory Service (LEASE). The national telephone helpline is currently available to home owners needing assistance with questions relating to the selling or gifting of their homes and the helpline will also be available on the internet shortly, addition to the LEASE helpline, the Department for Communities and Local Government has also published a leaflet “Park homes: know your rights”, which sets outs the changes to home owner’s legal rights. This can be found, with guidance on buying and selling and the forms to be used, at

Taking into the account the widespread guidance available to home owners, it is probably safe to say that most will be aware of the changes.  In light of this, and the fact that a one off representation by a park owner which causes a prospective purchaser to withdraw can be harassment leading to criminal penalties, it is vital that park owners are fully up to date with the changes and ensure that any involvement with mobile home sales is in line with the law.

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