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Posted 11 May 2016
by Stuart Bramley

Heart attack victims killed by poor care due to flaws in NHS treatment

At a time when lawyers who are trying to help victims of medical errors obtain justice and compensation are dismissed as ‘ambulance chasers’ it is a salutary lesson to learn how many mistakes occur in the NHS without anyone realising that patients had suffered and (as in this story) some had died because of avoidable errors.

Studies a decade or so ago learned that for every legal claim for damages there are another 5 similar incidents but where the patients had no idea their care had been substandard. The discovery here that as many as 33,000 cardiac-related deaths may have been avoidable is a shocking one although too many of my own clients tell similar stories.  I do hope the study focuses minds on how better care can be provided.


Photo by: Geralt

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