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Posted 22 June 2015

How does the abolition of the driving licence paper counterpart affect park owners?

Since 8 June 2015 the paper counterpart of a driving licence has been abolished and replaced with an online system managed by the DVLA.

The invalidity of paper counterpart driving licences will likely have various effects on park owners.

Park owners who require employees to undertake work related driving activities should check that the employee has a valid driving licence for the vehicle in question. Since 8 June 2015 the park owner will no longer be able to rely on the paper counterpart and instead will need to obtain the relevant details from the DVLA’s online system, which can only be done if the employee provides you with the relevant log in details.

Park owners of holiday parks may also accept the paper counterpart as evidence that their holiday home owner has a main and only residence off park. This can no longer be relied upon as proving a person’s place of residence. Instead the park owner should only accept the photo card driving licence.

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