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Posted 1 October 2018
by Ricky Noble

How to Avoid Parental Alienation

Mother and child

A marriage or partnership breakdown is an extremely difficult time, however, it can be a lot harder if there are children involved. Each situation will be different and depend on the circumstances of that particular family. It is important that the children are protected from any hostility between the parents. Regardless of how difficult the breakdown of the relationship is, making the process and situation as stress-free as possible for the children should be everyone’s first priority.

Parental Alienation can include, but is not limited to, behaviours such as a parent frequently badmouthing or demeaning the other, limiting or restricting contact, removing items/reminders of the other parent such as photographs or gifts; and creating the impression that the other parent dislikes or does not love or care for the children. It can become unreasonable stopping of contact, and making the children believe the other parent does not wish to see them.

It is important therefore that both parents consider the impact their behaviour and actions may be having upon the children, and take all possible steps to reassure them that both parents love and care for them. The children should not hear, either directly or by overhearing, any negative opinion about the other parent. They should never be coerced, brainwashed, manipulated, feel bad for enjoying spending time with one parent, or feel forced to choose between their parents. Children should not be deprived of the guidance, affection and love of either parent after a separation.

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