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Posted 22 May 2019
by Stuart Bramley

“I lost my arms and legs – stop it happening to others”


Tom Ray awakes from a coma to discover part of his face had been removed, and had both his arms and legs amputated as a result of sepsis.

With reference to the BBC News article, infection specialist Stuart Bramley observes –

“It is heartbreaking to read yet another account of someone whose life has been so drastically affected by sepsis. I was tempted to write that his life had been ruined, but Tom Ray’s story illustrates the most extraordinary resilience in the light of what he has been through and continues to tackle every day. It is no surprise at all that a film has been made of his life.

Given the focus on this infection by various campaigning charities such as Sepsis UK, it remains upsetting that the symptoms appear to have been missed by Tom’s hospital for 5 hours. The BBC account does not give all the details and in the defence of the clinicians involved it is possible that his symptoms were atypical, but in most of the legal claims my colleagues and I handle there are more than enough tell-tale signs yet sepsis is too low down on the list of possible diagnoses, often until it is too late. Tom Ray is to be commended for his work in trying to educate health professionals and the public about this perpetual threat”

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