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Posted 15 December 2015

Increase in new-borns being removed from mothers

According to the Daily Mail, research reveals that the number of new-borns removed from mothers at birth has significantly increased.  In 2013 around 2,000 babies were removed compared 802 new-borns in 2008.  Disappointingly the report cannot identify what has caused such a drastic rise in the numbers in such a relatively short space of time.  This story mentions a woman, who remains of child-bearing age, who has had a total of 16 children removed from her care.  Many women get into a cycle of desperately trying to replace the lost child over and over again.  What is reassuring is that the Department of Education funds a pilot scheme in Hackney, now extended further afield, offering help to women to enable them to break this cycle.  The project is called PAUSE and offers help to get their lives back on track including tackling issues around alcohol and drug abuse.

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