Inheritance claims where there is no Will

When someone dies without leaving a Will things can get complicated.

If there is no Will, the rules on intestacy will apply.  These rules set out who is entitled to administer the estate and who is entitled to what.

The intestacy rules are not perfect.  Problems can often arise where:

  • the effect of the intestacy rules is unfair
  • the deceased was co-habiting with someone but there was no marriage or civil partnership
  • the deceased and his or her spouse were separated but not divorced
  • a child of the deceased has not been formally registered as the deceased’s child
  • the deceased promised something or wanted to leave a particular legacy to someone
  • a family is estranged and members inherit under intestacy who would not have benefited had a Will been made

We will be happy to talk you through the process of negotiating an amicable settlement if possible and, if there is no other solution, bringing a court claim.

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