What is a trustee?

A trustee is usually a volunteer with big responsibilities, overseeing everything a charity does, from setting its strategy to being responsible for its work and finances.


What do trustees do?

In larger charities, trustees support and challenge the management team, but in smaller charities they generally have more of a hands-on involvement. While they don't need specialist skills a good knowledge of finance, fundraising or IT helps, but all trustees should bring a fresh perspective and commitment. Depending on the size of the charity, trustees usually meet four to eight times a year, and between meetings they should keep up-to-date with what’s going on in the organisation. While it does require commitment and involvement in the charity a trustee role can be extremely rewarding and valuable to the future of the charity.


Business Support


Trustees at Tozers

James Evans, Tozers Partner & Solicitor and Head of Charity law, trustee for Mind Devon

Paul Kelly, Tozers Managing Partner & Solicitor and Head of Park law, trustee for Headway Devon

Vernon Clarke, Tozers Partner & Solicitor for Residential Property, trustee for Pilton Green Man

Stephen Jennings, Tozers Partner & Solicitor and Head of Employment law, trustee for Dawlish Gardens Trust

Clair Hemming, Tozers Partner & Solicitor in Medical Negligence, trustee for the Erb’s Palsy Group

Sue Halfyard, Tozers Associate and Chartered Legal Executive in Wealth Management, trustee for Alice Cross


What made you become a trustee, and why should someone consider becoming a trustee?