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Further Extension on Stay to Possession Proceedings

Posted on 21st August 2020 in Affordable Housing

Posted by

Sarah Schooling

Senior Associate & Solicitor
Further Extension on Stay to Possession Proceedings

We have been hearing rumblings, shortly before lunch time today, that the stay on possession proceedings was being extended.

Having just had a telephone hearing before a District Judge, the Judge confirmed that he, along with all judges, had received an email from the Master of the Rolls to confirm that all possession claims were, indeed, being stayed for 4 weeks to 20 September 2020. This means that the court will not progress a claim for possession, unless it is a consent order for directions to take the matter to trial, or enforce a warrant. 

The letter contained no further detail however on whether this applies to all possession claims, or whether ASB claims would be excluded. Our recent Inisght on the previous extension also alluded to challenges being made under exceptional circumstances. 

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