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Re-siting a Mobile Home

Posted on 08th January 2020 in Parks

Posted by

Paul Kelly

Partner and Solicitor
Re-siting a Mobile Home

The Mobile Homes Act 1983, as amended, implies terms into all Agreements which provide for the re-siting of a mobile home and which park owners must comply with.

A park owner is only entitled to move a mobile home in certain circumstances which include carrying out essential repair or emergency works and in most cases will require the permission of the First Tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) (“the Tribunal”).

When making an application to the Tribunal, park owners will have to demonstrate that the replacement pitch is broadly comparable to the homeowner’s original pitch and that the park owner’s reasons for re-siting the home are reasonable. Where park owners fail to prove this the Tribunal are likely refuse to grant permission to re-site the mobile home.

If the application is made in order that the park owner may replace or carry out repairs to the base then the park owner must ensure that the home is returned to the original base if the occupier requires it or if the Tribunal orders this.

Where a park owner is entitled to re-site a mobile home they will have to bear all the costs and expenses incurred by the occupier in connection with the re-siting of their home.

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