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Jill Headford

Posted 4 June 2013
by Jill Headford

Know how to protect your Intellectual Property

We aren’t Apple so why bother to protect our IP? Because it could lose you revenue, hit your profit, reduce your assets and erode your goodwill.

Every business has IP.  Eg

  • a business name
  • a trade mark or logo
  • a database
  • confidential information
  • images
  • promotional material
  • designs
  • drawings
  • trade secrets
  • inventions

There are basic steps you can take at little cost.  We offer a fixed fee IP audit.  To qualify, email for our IP questionnaire.  We will use your answers to identify:

  • where IP is used in your business
  • whether you actually own your IP
  • whether your IP is protected
  • whether your website is legally compliant
  • how you can strengthen your IP portfolio
  • any urgent steps you should take

The audit includes a face to face meeting to talk about your IP and we will follow that with a written report within 2 weeks.


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Jill Headford

Jill Headford

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