Protect your brand

FREE ASSESSMENT for trade mark registration

Is your trading name or logo protected from copying by competitors? Can you control who uses it? If not, should you register it as a trade mark?

Anything which distinguishes your business or product from anyone else’s can be registered as a trade mark.  It may be a business name or strap line.  It can include a logo or a 3D shape.  In fact it can even be a colour, smell or a sound.

5 great reasons to register a trade mark

  • deter others from using your name or brand to sell their goods
  • ensure that you have the legal right to use the brand and no-one can object
  • be able to stop infringement of your trade mark easily and quickly
  • have the right to use the symbols ® and ™ beside your name or logo
  • be able to sell your brand or licence others to trade under it for a fee

Ask us for a FREE assessment of your brand and what you could register.

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