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Posted 4 October 2016
by Stuart Bramley

Legal claim sparked due to tragic death of mother having caesarean-section


A tragic story about a young mother was recently reported.

A legal claim has been triggered after a woman died during a caesarean section where they believe medical negligence is to blame for her death and her child’s severe brain damage.

Tozers’ partner Stuart Bramley, who specialises in birth claims, writes;

“Even by the standards of the birth tragedies I and my team frequently see, this is particularly upsetting. It seems extraordinary that even knowing of the colon blockage identified earlier in the pregnancy, the hospital didn’t make the connection when D’Lissa attended with precisely the symptoms that condition would cause. A megacolon will easily show up on a scan and it is troubling that the consultant John Seaton has recognised that this story could repeat itself unless scanning is performed on other mums-to-be. The error was then compounded by the extraordinary decision to attempt to turn the baby manually rather than to perform a Caesarean section, for which it seems there was plenty of time.

Despite the Coroner’s surprising verdict of ‘natural causes’ I do wish D’Lissa’s family success in their legal claim since although success in that obviously will not bring D’Lissa back, her baby will have extensive needs in the future which will be difficult to meet properly without appropriate compensation. My thoughts go out to the family.”

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Stuart Bramley

Partner and Solicitor

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