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Posted 6 November 2017
by Stuart Bramley

Could a Maternal Vaccine Prevent 231,000 GBS Cases in Babies and Pregnant Women a Year?

Stuart Bramley, a Partner at Tozers specialising in GBS claims, writes:

“This article by the Huffington Post is a wonderfully clear and persuasive argument for routine testing. The results worldwide speak for themselves, as does the tragic loss of Natalie Hobster and if outcomes like that are to be avoided in future the fight must continue. Some studies suggest that the prevalence is actually closer to one in 800 rather than one in 2,000 babies each year in the UK, but either statistic illustrates something that should be avoidable. The risk-based approach adopted for many years by the NHS, whereby only mothers-to-be with particular risk factors are tested, clearly isn’t succeeding given the number of babies who die or are left permanently injured by Strep B.  Dan Hobster is quite right – we cannot allow tremendous arrogance to continue endangering these children. “



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