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Posted 21 December 2017
by Stuart Bramley

Maternity Mistakes: 276,000 incidents logged in two years

Clinical negligence specialist Stuart Bramley notes:-

“It is interesting to learn the precise figures here but no surprise – the statistics simply confirm what every medical negligence lawyer already knows, which is that there are far too many errors in our maternity services. As the report identifies, many of these were either near-misses with no harm resulting, or minor incidents, and it is reassuring that the Trusts involved still logged these. But my own caseload and those of my colleagues at Tozers involve much more serious outcomes. Babies die in utero or soon after delivery from missed infections; oxygen starvation during the birth process lead to lifelong cerebral palsy, and there are permanent physical injuries arising from excessive traction on the fetal head.

One benefit of this otherwise-shocking report is that it may facilitate change. Now the public know that as many as one in five births involves one of these failings, it may help focus attention and increase funding to tackle the root causes. I sincerely hope that the organisation who helped disseminate these figures, NHS Improvement, will now live up to its name”.


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