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Posted 11 April 2016
by Paul Kelly

Mobile Homes Act 2013 Under Review

Static caravans overlook the sea. Mobile home and holiday parks

At the start of January 2016, the House of Commons Library published a Briefing Paper on Mobile (Park) Homes. The Paper discusses the changes made by the Mobile Homes Act 2013 before a full review is carried out in 2017. Park owners may find this Paper useful as a reminder of the changes and as advance notice of the areas likely to be reviewed.

The Paper suggests that the 10% commission charge payable by a homeowner to the park owner when they sell their home may form part of the review. We think it is important that park owners engage now with their MPs to make sure their MPs understand why they believe commission is an important and fair part of their business models.

The 2017 consultation will involve trade industry bodies including the BH&HPA and national residents groups. Park owners are also likely to have the chance to take their part. Watch this space!

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