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Posted 5 January 2018
by Paul Kelly

Mobile Homes and Park Homes Bill 2017-19

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One of the 47 private member’s bills proposed by MP Christopher Chope on 5 September 2017 was the Mobile Homes and Park Homes Bill 2017-19. The bill is currently being prepared for publication and is due to have its second reading on 6 July 2018.

The draft Bill proposes the use of published criteria to determine whether owners of mobile homes and park homes are liable for council tax or non-domestic rates and to determine the residential status of homes. Mr Chope’s bill also proposes amendment to the Mobile Homes Acts although he has commented it stands little chance of success without the support of the Government.

The Government are currently conducting Part 2 of the Mobile Homes Policy Review 2017 and are seeking views on the Park Homes Working Group’s recommendations to help ensure local authorities effectively carry out their licensing and enforcement functions. The Part 2 Consultation Closes on 16 February 2018 and the government response will be published later this year.

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