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Posted 22 November 2016
by Kirsty McLennan

Money, money, money

From March 2017, a new twelve-sided £1 coin will enter circulation in the UK.

Between March 2017 and September 2017, both the new £1 coin and the old coin will be in circulation and can be accepted and distributed by Parks. In Autumn 2017 Parks will not be able to accept the old £1 coin, nor should they distribute them.

In the lead up to the introduction of the new coin, Parks need to identify whether they have any equipment which takes £1 coins and where necessary contact the manufacturers of any equipment to see if any changes or replacements need to be made. Parks should also ensure that staff are familiar with the features of the new coin.

The Royal Mint has set up a new website designed to explain the changes, as well as address queries that Parks may have with regards to the introduction of the new coin:

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