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michelle beckett

Posted 18 February 2016
by Michelle Beckett

More than 1000 NHS “never events” in the last four years

The BBC has today reported that analysis from the Press Association has revealed that in the past four years more than 1000 NHS patients in England have suffered from never events.

NHS England have classified Never Events as having the potential to cause serious patient harm or death. These events should not occur if treatment providers follow guidelines or safety recommendations.

The BBC reports that between April 2012 and December 2015 1188 “never” events occurred.  These events included:

  •  Wrong limbs being operated on.
  •  Foreign objects being left inside bodies.
  •  Feeding tubes incorrectly sited.
  •  Incorrect blood type being transfused.
  •  Incorrect drugs and doses of drugs being administered.

Specific events have included the wrong person being operated on, patients being given the wrong dose of chemotherapy, a man having a testicle removed rather than a cyst and a woman having her fallopian tubes taken out rather than her appendix.

Michelle Beckett, Solicitor in the Medical Negligence department, comments:  “The occurrence of these events is unacceptable. When patients go into hospital they trust their lives to the people providing their care and are usually in an extremely vulnerable position.  The very fact that these events are called “never events” imply that these events should never happen.  It is clear that these events are wholly preventable and the very fact that they are avoidable shows a complete lack of care.  Many mistakes that are made cannot be rectified having huge implications on a patient’s life”

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michelle beckett

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