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Posted 22 January 2019
by Stuart Bramley

Mother nearly loses baby to sepsis after hospital turns her away

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A young mother almost lost her 11 month old baby, Peggy Bradford to sepsis after GPs and hospital staff turned her away, dismissing the disease as ‘only a virus’. Peggy was later taken into hospital where doctors confirmed she had sepsis.

With reference to the Daily Mail article, Tozers’ partner Stuart Bramley observes –

“We are seeing yet another instance of a baby or child with sepsis being misdiagnosed by their local hospital or GP. Fortunately, Peggy Bradford’s case didn’t end in the tragedy that we so often see in these circumstances, but she should never have been turned away in the first place. It seems astonishing that the condition which has led to the highest number of avoidable deaths in the UK is still being missed – particularly where, as here, the parents are told that their child has ‘just a virus’. Sepsis results from an untreated virus – what steps did the doctors take to check that this was not going to happen to Peggy?

The campaign to increase awareness of this condition is overdue and badly needed – I wish the campaigners every success”.

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