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Posted 31 August 2018
by Stuart Bramley

New Maternity Death Scandal Uncovered After Probe

Baby in hospital

New maternity death scandal uncovered as probe finds 60 babies and mothers died.

Group B Strep specialist Stuart Bramley notes :-

“It is dispiriting to read of yet more leading hospitals being investigated for deaths of and injuries to newborn babies. An urgent investigation into what has been happening at this Trust is clearly needed, because experience shows that if mistakes are not flagged up straight away and lessons learned both by the staff involved and by those not involved, those errors will recur. The organisation which defends legal claims against the health service, NHS Resolution, implements a system where knowledge arising from mistakes in one hospital will be filtered down to all other units in the country, but for this to work properly those failings must be reported in the first place.

The other saddening aspect of this report is that babies with obvious signs of Group B Streptococcus are still being overlooked, despite the tireless efforts of campaigning charities such as Group B Strep Support and individuals like Kayleigh Griffiths who featured in this Daily Mail article. In every new Strep B case where I am instructed the same facts crop up time and again. I do hope that the focus on the Shrewsbury and Telford tragedies finally leads to necessary changes being implemented across the NHS. Routine GBS testing for all mums-to-be has been rejected in the past, for reasons which many of us believe do not stand up to proper scrutiny, but that stance could easily be reversed by the NHS if it wished. Let us pray that this event triggers exactly that change of heart, for the sake of babies like Pippa Griffiths and Jack Burn”.

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