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Posted 20 February 2019
by Stuart Bramley

New sepsis test could show results ‘in minutes’

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Researchers at the University of Strathclyde are developing a new rapid test for earlier diagnosis of sepsis, which could show results ‘in minutes’.

With reference to the BBC News article, Stuart Bramley, a medical negligence Partner at Tozers, observes –

“Although there are occasional announcements of medical breakthroughs which sadly do not then fulfil initial expectations, I sincerely hope that the Strathclyde research does bear fruit. I have represented just too many families of patients who have died from undiagnosed sepsis and if this test offers all that is hoped it really will save lives. In many of my cases, sepsis was suspected but there was still then a delay in treatment until it could be confirmed and until the precise nature of the infection was identified, to allow the most appropriate antibiotics to be given. A result in under three minutes rather than a day or more would be an enormous advance in diagnosis.

I also hope that such a significant development might be expedited – since around 52,000 people die every year in the UK alone from sepsis, and no doubt countless more in other countries, a development period of 3 to 5 years leaves many at risk in the meanwhile. But regardless of the timing, anything that helps clinicians identify this pernicious infection swiftly is very much to be welcomed”

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