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Tozers help support Good Divorce Week 2020

Posted on 30th November 2020 in Family Law

Posted by

Aimee Aspinall

Associate and Chartered Legal Executive
Tozers help support Good Divorce Week 2020

Resolutions Good Divorce Week 2020, running from Monday 30th November, is their annual campaign for promoting constructive guidance to help parents separate amicable, and put the needs of their children first.

Resolution is a community of family justice professionals who work with families and individuals to resolve their issues in a constructive way, which is enshrined in their Code of Practice. This Code is now at the heart of this years Good Divorce Week, demonstrating the benefits of early professional advice to help increase the likelihood of families reaching amicable agreements.

We are marking this years Good Divorce Week by joining with Resolution, and their other member, to promote our usual free initial advice sessions for families who need support. We believe it’s important for families to meet their lawyer face-to-face, as early on as possible, so that they can ask any questions directly, become comfortable with the person representing them, and then start to move forward.

We are also posting a series of insights throughout the week, to provide constructive advice for those thinking of, or in the process of, separating. Helping them reach an amicable divorce, whilst also thinking of the needs of children. Keep up to date with these insights here, or through our social media channels.


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