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Posted 27 March 2019
by Endurance Arthur

NHS to pay up to £6.2m to man brain-damaged by encephalitis

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Endurance Arthur, a Partner at Tozers specialising in brain injury claims comments on the recent BBC news article about the compensation settlement for a 20-year-old man who sustained a brain injury at the aged of one, whilst being treated at Watford General Hospital.

“Encephalitis is a life-threatening inflammation of the brain, but if symptoms are recognised in time it can be treated completely with Acyclovir an anti-viral medication”, explains Endurance. “A delay in treatment, as in this man’s case, can be catastrophic and can include several learning disabilities, behavioural problems, epilepsy and the need for lifelong care. This is a sad case of an injury which could have been avoided.  Whilst those involved cannot turn back the clock, it is good to see that the man and his family are getting financial assistance to help them manage the devastating effects of encephalitis.”

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Endurance Arthur

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Partner and solicitor in the medical negligence department and a member of the Law Society's Clinical Negligence Panel