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Posted 12 July 2017

Ofsted report rates Gloucestershire County Council’s Children’s Services ‘inadequate’

According to the BBC Gloucestershire County Council’s Children’s Services have been rated as ‘inadequate’ in a recent Ofsted report with serious and widespread failures identified within that report were not dealt with.  In particular it is noted that standards had in fact deteriorated since 2011.  The report has led to the Director of Children’s Services and 3 of her deputies being removed from their posts and an independent review pledged.

I act for many children and adults where they have been left in circumstances where professionals have highlighted concerns for children but for whatever reason have left those children in conditions leading to injuries, often significant psychological injuries, as a result of severe neglect, emotional, physical and unfortunately sexual abuse within the home.  The report published in June states that “too many children were being left in situations of risk of significant harm for too long, because dangers were not recognised”.  It is noted in the Department of Education’s paper, the Experimental statistics for Children and Family Social work Workforce in England, that a high percentage, around 30%, of social workers only spend up to 2 years employed by a local authority.  In many of my cases, the theme is often inexperienced professionals dealing with difficult families with entrenched behaviours and consider every visit to that family as if it were the first rather than look at an often concerning and accumulative history.

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