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Posted 10 March 2016
by Tracy Lambert

One in four parents fear social work interrogation over genuine mishaps that cause bumps and bruises

According to the BBC 26% of parents interviewed stated they were concerned about taking their children to A&E for fear of social services intervention.

I was unlucky enough to fall down my stairs at home with my 5 week old son as a result of which he suffered a fractured skull.  I was regularly questioned about the circumstances of the accident to ascertain whether the injuries could have been caused non-accidentally.

At no point did I feel I was under suspicion and professionals involved made it clear that they were under a duty to investigate such a serious injury.  It is worrying that some parents delay going to A&E.  Professionals are not waiting in the wings ready to swipe children away from their parents, indeed many services are put in place to support parents who are struggling.  They are there to ensure that children in their areas are protected when there is a ‘reasonable’ concern as to that child’s welfare. It is a shame we live in a culture that only the cases were social services have consistently failed a young child, such as in the Baby P case, are reported in the press.

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