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Partner and solicitor with over 20 years' experience of medical claims and inquests

Stuart Bramley



Stuart is a partner and solicitor with over 20 years’ experience of medical claims and inquests. “The fact that Stuart Bramley worked for the NHS defending these claims for a dozen years before switching to act for injured claimants instead gives him a real advantage in knowing how the opponents think – their tactics, strengths, weaknesses and indeed many of the individuals involved. He also works hard at explaining the legal process to clients throughout so that there are no surprises as the claim unfolds”.

Stuart is on the Law Society Panel of accredited medical litigators; he is a qualified mediator; he is a member of the pressure group Inquest; and is one of a select group of solicitors in the country on the panel of the charity Group B Strep Support, specialising in the infection Group B Streptococcus; and he is on the Royal British Legion panel of specialist inquest advocates.  Stuart’s clients are scattered widely around England and Wales and he travels regularly across the country to see them.

Special interests – birth claims involving Erbs palsy; infection claims particularly GBS and MRSA; missed cancer cases; and fatal accident claims where the negligence leads not just to injury but instead to the patient’s death. Stuart has also been instructed on a number of claims where lack of oxygen at birth led not to cerebral palsy, as usually occurs, but instead to autism.

Stuart has been ranked as a notable practitioner for Clinical Negligence in the Chambers UK 2015 legal directory, in which they say:

Stuart Bramley is particularly strong in fatal and inquest cases. He has significant prior experience in advising defendants.”

Call: 01392 667659

My son suffered from GBS sepsis and has been left with lifelong disabilities, it was such a traumatic time. I spoke to Stuart Bramley at Tozers, he was absolutely fantastic - he is incredibly knowledgeable and the most genuine sincere person I have spoken to about this. I couldn't find anyone who knew so much about the condition as him, he was very patient and so keen to help, it was a great relief to have spoken to him and I would urge anyone who has issues with their care or feels things could possibly have been different to give him a call.


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Posted 22 November 2017
by Stuart Bramley     

Are the NHS right to overlook GBS Screening for all pregnant women and how effective are their current methods of managing Group B Strep?

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