Discrimination & Equal Pay

Discrimination & Equal Pay

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While everyone knows what direct discrimination is, are you confident you know all about indirect discrimination, victimisation, harassment, discrimination arising from a disability and the requirement to make reasonable adjustments?

Each one has a statutory definition – some have specific defences and all of them are traps for the unwary. If you struggle with PCPs (provisions, criteria and practices) and are a bit hazy about comparators, come and talk to us.

Equal pay can be even more fun. Generally, men and women should receive equal pay for equal work. The difficulties start though in applying this in practice. The legislation refers to like work, work of equal value and work rated as equivalent, all of which have their own complexities. In some circumstances (the material factor defence), employers may lawfully apply different terms to men and women.

Employees including apprentices and those working from home are eligible to claim, whether they are on full-time, part-time, casual or temporary contracts and regardless of length of service.

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We Advise On:

  • equal pay and sex discrimination
  • drafting policies and procedures
  • contractual terms and equality clauses
  • when unequal pay can be lawful
  • basic pay and automatic pay progression
  • performance related pay and benefits
  • tribunal claims

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