Employment Contracts & Policies

Employment Contracts & Policies

After working for one month every employee is entitled to a Written Statement of Terms of Employment from their employer. Otherwise they can claim two to four months’ compensation.

The required information can be put into a written employment contract which provides more detail than a more basic written statement and is a better option for employers.  It is always easier to get employees to agree and sign a written contract at the beginning of the employment relationship rather than after they have been working for a while.  Better to have a signed contract from the start.

However changes do have to be made from time to time and this can pose particular problems and in some situations (e.g. after a TUPE transfer) there may be legal constraints on the changes you can make.

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We Advise On:

  • prepare or review employment contracts, policies and handbooks
  • advise on contract changes and how to implement them
  • make sure that your employment terms properly fit your business
  • ensure your employment documents are legally compliant

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