Redundancy & Restructuring

Redundancy & Restructuring

Employment tribunal process

Redundancy has a specific legal definition.

Briefly, it is where your requirements for someone to do particular work, or to do it in particular location, have ceased or diminished or will do so. A slightly wider definition applies for the purposes of establishing whether you need to collectively consult with employees.

Restructures don’t have a specific legal definition but cover any situation where you want to change the structure of your team. While many of the specific requirements that apply to redundancies don’t apply, it is generally sensible to follow a similar process.

In both cases you should follow a fair process which can entail appropriate consultation, considering pools for selection and fair selection criteria and giving employees an opportunity to challenge your proposals. Key to both is being clear from the outset what you hope to achieve and why.

See our guide to the redundancy process:

Redundancy Process

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