Pensions often form your most valuable asset on divorce.

They represent the summation of your working life and yet can be overlooked by parties when they separate. Informal discussions about finances tend to be focused around income and capital to include the family home.

Collating information about pensions may be difficult especially if the communication between parties has broken down or there is a lack of financial transparency.
Pensions are a complex area and there are number of ways these can be dealt with on divorce which include Pension Sharing or Attachment Orders or off setting. We aim to make the legal process as smooth as possible and offer expertise to help you deal with the issues and understand the options.

We have extensive experience of advising in respect of both public and private sector pensions, whether in payment or not.

Our public sector pension expertise includes:

  • Police pensions
  • Fire service pensions
  • Armed forces pensions
  • Teachers pensions
  • NHS pensions
  • Local Government pensions
  • University Superannuation schemes

In complex cases we will advise as to the role and instruction of an Actuary.

Please note a discounted rate is available to public sector employees, please refer to this offer when arranging your free initial meeting.
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