Recent Abuse Case Wins

Recent Abuse Case Wins

Although money will never be able to erase the memories or distress caused by such abuse, it may help to improve the quality of life or as a means of closure for you or a child in your care. Below is a list of our recent wins.

£315,000 awarded to Devon man for severe sexual abuse and neglect

Y was received into care at eight years of age. It is accepted by the Local Authorities involved that Y should have been removed at birth, thereby avoiding all abuse suffered.  Y was still in nappies, using a bottle, unaccustomed to washing and using knives and forks, he also had a squint and bad teeth.  Y will not go out in public alone and had a phobia of using public transport.  Y remained isolated in his bedroom with little social interaction.

The expert psychiatrist instructed in the case believed he had normal ability. Y has low self-esteem and negative identity and although deprivation resulting in failure to thrive does affect development, notwithstanding some recovery, the development does not return to the correct trajectory for that child and a neglectful childhood would have slowed his cognitive development.  It was also believed Y would develop significant disturbance in adversity in the future.  The expert also believed Y suffered a severe and chronic post-traumatic stress disorder and may be developing a dependent personality disorder.

Y specifically has difficulties in completing his college course impacting upon his prospects for future work.

Siblings win a combined £285,000 out of court settlement against a Local Authority for their failure to remove them from their home

Each sibling brought a claim against the Local Authority alleging they had failed to issue Care Proceedings when social workers knew or ought to have known they were likely to suffer from significant harm. As a result they were left in home circumstances suffering daily emotional abuse, physical abuse and serious neglect.  The Local Authority accepted they breached their duty of care to the children and agreed an out of Court settlement.

The Claimants now adults themselves suffered severe physical abuse and neglect resulting in psychological difficulties as they entered adolescence and adulthood. The Claimants suffered emotional attachment disorder, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression and anxiety.  During the litigation process an interim payment was available to fund recommended psychotherapeutic treatment allowing the Claimants to understand and process their past experiences.  The litigation provided funds for future treatment to be available to the Claimants in times of acute need, such as times of loss or emotional stress.

£220,000 damages settlement for severe sexual abuse

Tozers LLP solicitors have obtained total damages of £220,000 for their client Miss A originally from Plymouth in connection with severe and systematic sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect suffered involving the client’s mother, father and extended family and friends over a period of 10 years, given the Local Authority’s failure to take her into care at birth and notwithstanding ongoing concerns about her parents abilities.

Despite reports from school and outside agencies to Social Services concerning neglect, Miss A was not taken into care by the Local Authority until she was 10 years old.

Miss A made limited progress when first taken into foster care and moved from one placement to another.  She was then placed in a specialist care home receiving therapy for over 4 years.

Miss A subsequently went on to have 3 children of her own, all of whom were immediately placed in care and subsequently released for adoption.  She had limited parenting skills and exhibited symptoms of reactive depression, anxiety and phobias.  Part of the depression was reactive to the loss of her own children.  She had limited organisational ability, home or parenting skills.  Her low self esteem, phobias and depression further limited her ability to enjoy social, recreational and domestic activities.  She had fantasies about rearing a child perfectly.

Three Local Authorities were involved in the negligence.  The settlement was negotiated and although no particular breakdown was agreed, Miss A sought £85,000 for General Damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity.

Susan Turner from Tozers LLP in Exeter, said: “I am extremely pleased that we have managed to secure compensation for Miss A. The abuse has left a very disturbed and damaged young lady who may never be able to care for her own children, or exercise her basic right to family life. It is always hoped that lessons are learned and that such systematic abuse can never be allowed to happen to another family’.

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