Asset Protection

Asset Protection

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Many parents want to pass wealth to their children but are worried about transferring assets to them outright.

They may also hope to shield assets from the means-test for benefits, from nursing home fees or from their children’s potential partners.

Alternatively, you may wish to provide for a disabled child, or could have received a compensation award from medical negligence and may be looking for ways to protect the sum for the future.

Establishing a trust can be a useful solution to all of these problems. Trusts can be used to allow individuals to benefit from your wealth but without giving them outright control over the assets, or to shield your assets from being taken into account for various assessments.

Our specialist team can advise you on the options available and which solution may be right for you.

We Advise On:

  • creating trusts during lifetime and by Will
  • specialist trusts, such as disabled person’s trusts and Personal Injury trusts
  • the tax regimes for trusts
  • trustees’ powers and duties
  • trust administration.

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A “down to Earth” and very friendly company.

Geoffrey & Maureen Mole

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