Intellectual Property, Internet Law & E-commerce

Intellectual Property, Internet Law & E-commerce

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Intellectual Property (IP) rights are valuable to your business, whatever its size. You need to understand, exploit and protect them. Sometimes this means registration, sometimes not.

The internet is now part of business life.  Your brand is online and needs protection.   The law of the internet is complex and failure to comply can mean unenforceable contracts.

There are steps you can and should take to ensure brand protection and legal compliance, many of them simple and inexpensive.

We offer a FREE Website Legal Audit to check compliance of your site and a FREE IP Audit to assess what you should be doing to exploit and protect your IP portfolio.

If a competitor takes advantage of your hard earned reputation we can enforce your rights.

If you receive a threat of legal action concerning intellectual property rights we can defend you.  We will always try to avoid court action and find another way of resolving the issues.

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We Advise On:

  • trade mark registration
  • design right registration
  • copyright protection
  • website legal compliance
  • IP Disputes

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