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If you have invented something new through your own skill and imagination you may be able to claim exclusive rights to exploit it by registering a patent.

Once registered, a patent can last for 20 years subject to payment of renewal fees.  All its details are published but no-one other than the registered owner or someone with a registerable interest can make use of it without permission.

Your invention has to be

  • novel in the sense of never having been made public anywhere in the world.
  • something involving an inventive step so that anyone reasonably knowledgeable in the relevant field would regard it as something innovative.
  • be capable of practical application in industry, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, etc.

It is not possible to register a patent for certain categories of thing such as new plants or animals or other discoveries, as opposed to inventions.  Scientific, mathematical, business or medical treatment methods are not patentable.  Nor are literary, dramatic or artistic works, which attract copyright protection instead.

We Advise On:

  • patentability
  • revocation of patents
  • infringement

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