Intellectual Property & IT

Intellectual Property & IT

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Intellectual Property (IP) rights are valuable to your business, whatever its size. You need to understand, exploit and protect them. Sometimes this means registration, sometimes not. There are other steps you can and should take, many of them simple and inexpensive.

Registration of IP

We offer a fixed fee IP Audit to assess what you should be doing to exploit and protect your IP portfolio. You are likely to own at least some of the following and should protect it:

  • copyright in your writing, graphics or photographs or any dramatic, artistic or musical works you have created
  • a name, brand or logo which is (or is intended to be) identified with your business and which might be registrable as a Trade Mark
  • designs which can be registered, and are sometimes protected without registration, which are original and non-commonplace in terms of shape, configuration, lines, contours, pattern, ornamentation or materials
  • ideas or inventions for which you might be able to obtain a Patent provided it contains sufficient “inventiveness” and has been kept confidential
  • data and databases
  • confidential information from customer details to trade secrets
  • domain and company names and website material

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What clients say

I found your service 1st class from the very beginning. Very friendly, understanding and very businesslike.


Infringement of IP

Your IP is worth protecting and failure to act could allow your competitors an unfair advantage at your expense. Defensive action need not cost you the earth. Pragmatic advice leading to rapid, well-focused action is often the best way to the outcome you want. If you think your IP is being infringed, you need early legal advice.

Free advice

We will always be happy to give an initial assessment over the telephone at no charge.  We will tell you what you can do and what it would cost.

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