Medical Negligence and Clinical Negligence

Medical Negligence and Clinical Negligence

Tozers’ medical negligence solicitors are classed as amongst the best in the UK, not least because they specialise in recovering maximum compensation from medical negligence claims and clinical negligence claims.

How can this be proved? Well, Tozers is one of the few firms in the UK specialising in medical negligence claims, we have one of the largest specialist medical negligence teams in the country and independent Legal Directories attest to the fact that we offer a quality service to families and individuals throughout the UK.

Testament to our national reputation of winning cases and securing maximum compensation for our clients, please take a look at our recent case wins.

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Whilst the NHS and private medical practitioners generally do an excellent job, medical negligence is a fact of life and at Tozers we are acutely aware of the physical, emotional and financial burden which clinical negligence causes to patients and their families. If you have been injured as a result of a medical accident or because of abuse, the consequences can be serious for you and your family. Our specialist negligence team offers sensitive, but realistic advice, as well as having the technical expertise to ensure that medical negligence claims and clinical negligence claims are fully investigated and then pursued to successful outcomes, as evidenced by our client testimonials.


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