Cancer Claims

Cancer Claims

Although many cancers are now treatable, early detection is key to a successful outcome.

If there has been a delay in your diagnosis, or you have been misdiagnosed, then the consequences can be serious. Cancer claims often arise when the patient sought medical advice in the early stages but the cancer was missed.

Claims for medical negligence regarding cancer treatment can include:

  • GPs failing to arrange further investigation or referrals
  • misreporting of scans, biopsies etc.
  • failure to examine patients correctly

We understand how devastating a diagnosis of cancer can be, not only for you, but also your family. You will be worried about what the future holds and your family, particularly if you feel that your cancer could have been picked up sooner. If there has been a delay in the diagnosis of your cancer, or if you feel that a family member has been lost because of a delay in diagnosis, then we can help. We will investigate what happened and if an earlier diagnosis could or should have been made.

If we can prove that earlier diagnosis would have made a difference to your treatment then we can work to help you recover compensation which will help secure you, and your family’s, future.

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