Children Claims

Children Claims

Medical Negligence claims for children can cover a wide and varied range of medical treatments.

Many problems relate to treatment during labour or birth but problems can also involve treatment of childhood illnesses and infections. Claims for children are complex due to issues involving consent and legal responsibility.

Claims can arise from:

  • Erb’s Palsy
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • dealing with learning or physical development
  • failure to diagnose or treat chronic illnesses such as diabetes
  • failure to identify and treat fractures
  • failure to diagnose or treat serious infections such as septicaemia and meningitis
  • maladministration of drugs and drug doses

The health of your child is precious and we understand that an injury to your child can affect the whole family. If you are concerned about the treatment your child has received then our team of specialist medical negligence solicitors can help investigate what happened and why.

If we can prove that your child has suffered as a result of medical negligence then we will work to help your child recover compensation he or she needs to ensure that the impact of your child’s injuries are minimised.

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