Misdiagnosis Claims

Misdiagnosis Claims

Medical Negligence

When you visit a doctor because you have concerns about your health, you trust that they will make a correct and timely diagnosis.

When they do not, it can result in a delay in receiving treatment which, at best, can affect your recovery and, at worst, can have tragic consequences.

Medical misdiagnosis covers all areas of healthcare and unfortunately is not uncommon. A fracture can be incorrectly diagnosed as a sprain, signs of ovarian cancer can be attributed to irritable bowel syndrome and even coronary heart disease can be confused with respiratory tract infection. We have experience of numerous claims involving a simple yet catastrophic missed diagnosis.

Common causes of failed or misdiagnosis include:

  • failing to investigate symptoms adequately/missed “red flag” symptoms
  • failing to take a full medical history
  • failing to respond to results
  • failure to refer to a specialist
  • misreporting scans, biopsies

If you have concerns about delays in your diagnosis or treatment or about the care a family member received we can offer advice and assistance. Contact one of our experienced lawyers.

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