Pressure Sores Claims

Pressure Sores Claims

Pressure sores are often the subject of medical negligence claims as they are preventable.

Pressure sores are painful and can be serious often taking a number of years to heal and in severe cases they can even be fatal.

Pressure sores occur when the skin is placed under pressure over a period of time. When extra pressure is exerted on the skin, blood flow to the area is restricted and the skin becomes starved of oxygen and begins to breakdown. People who are most susceptible to pressure sores are those who are immobile, this includes those recovering from surgery, those aged over 70 and people who have underlying health conditions.

There are four grades of pressure sore:

  • grade 1 – the skin will appear to be discoloured and may feel hard, warm or itchy
  • grade 2 – the outer layer and deeper layer of skin will be damaged. This leads to skin loss and the sore will appear as either an open wound or a blister.
  • grade 3 – skin loss will occur through the entire thickness of the skin. Underlying muscle and bone will be undamaged. The sore will appear as a deep wound.
  • grade 4 – this is the most severe type of pressure sore. The surrounding tissue begins to die and underlying muscle or bone may be damaged.

Most pressure sores can be prevented. A risk assessment should be performed by nursing staff, a patient’s position should be regularly changed and specially designed mattresses are available to reduce the risk of developing a sore.

If you or a family member have suffered pressure sores whilst under medical or nursing care please contact one of our experienced lawyers.

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